Those are our premises in INNOVA-TECO

Research and development, the perfect combination.

The acronyms R & D correspond to Research and Development, which in turn subdivides into three classes:

  • Basic research: comprises all those studies or original works that aim to acquire new scientific knowledge. Properties, structures and relationships are analyzed in order to formulate hypotheses, theories and laws. In this stage the scientists realize "Discoveries".
  • Applied research: starting from the original works developed in basic research, but with the aim of acquiring new knowledge oriented towards a determined practical objective, said results are susceptible from being patented, for a future commercial use. In this stage the scientists or technicians "Invent".
  • Technological development: It comprises the use of acquired knowledge in applied research for the production of new materials, devices, procedures or services. At this stage the company got the “know-How”( knowledge) and the prototypes are developed or pilot plants. If the results of the prototype are effective and viable, investments are made to produce in large series and sell to the market, then it is when the market accepts the product or service, it becomes innovation.

In our own laboratories we carry out the constant development of new and innovative products that adapt to the new needs that constantly arise from each of the sectors where our products can be applied. At the same time, we take care of the individual demands of our clients to offer specific solutions in a short period of time.

We carry out the most exhaustive tests in our own kilns in our own kilns bringing our revestements to temperature limits of up to 1700ºC.

All our products are tested before being delivered, so that nothing is left to chance.