Ceramic revestement R-20000® Pinta Rulli

Rollers Chemical Attack Protector

Glaze Adhesion Protector

The revestement R-20000 Pinta Rulli has been developed for the treatment of ceramic rollers, with the same coefficient of expansion as the rollers so that it is perfectly attached to the rollers and protects them from both chemical attacks and pollutants.

At the same time, rotation benches and guns have been developed for its treatment.

The application of revestement R-20000 creates a small, homogeneous film of just a few tenths for rollers to maintain their initial diameter.

The 90% of the rollers break due to chemical attack and not by thermal shock as we might think, because the alkaline vapours penetrate the mineralogical structure of the roller destroying and weakening it, so that any change in temperature causes them to break very easily.

Advantages of applying the R-20000 Pinta Rulli revestement on the ceramic roller:

  1. Evita que penetre el ataque químico.
  2. A 50% reduction in the number of casualties at bus stops.
  3. Prevents dirt from sticking
  4. Savings on rollers and maintenance costs..